MediaTek Announces Its First 3nm Chipset in Collaboration with TSMC, Mass Production Set in 2024

MediaTek Announces Its First 3nm Chipset in Collaboration with TSMC, Mass Production Set in 2024

MediaTek has officially announced its latest chipset based on 3nm architecture, manufactured using TSMC’s advanced fabrication technology. This innovative processor is set to be launched as part of MediaTek’s series. The company says that this new 3nm chip will be available in the market starting in 2024.

MediaTek’s First 3nm Processor will be Released in 2024

MediaTek officially announced its latest 3nm processor during a press conference held in Hsinchu, Taiwan. This chipset is developed with the collaboration of TSMC and using the advanced 3nm fabrication technology. Currently, TSMC and Samsung are the only global manufacturers capable of producing 3nm chipsets.

MediaTek has remained tight-lipped about the specific processor details including its name and core configuration. Nevertheless, there is speculation that the upcoming Dimensity 9400 could potentially mark MediaTek’s debut using the 3nm manufacturing process.

The MediaTek processor currently available uses a 4nm architecture. MediaTek introduced this technology in early 2022 with the release of the Dimensity 9000.

According to TSMC Senior Vice President Dr. Cliff Hou, the upcoming 3nm technology is set to bring substantial enhancements to the processor. This architecture offers an 18% increase in processing speed compared to the latest processor models, as well as an impressive 32% reduction in power consumption making them more efficient.

The shift from 4nm to 3nm technology results in not only a 60% increase in transistor density but also a significant increase in the processor’s logic performance. According to TSMC, they have been actively developing this new 3nm technology for several years.

Apart from MediaTek, Apple is expected to use 3nm fabrication technology for its upcoming A17 Bionic chipset in the iPhone 15 series. Furthermore, Apple is also speculated to integrate 3nm-based chips in its upcoming M-series desktop processors.

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