Google Pixel Watch 2 Features Confirm Ahead of October 4th Launch

Google Pixel Watch 2 Features Confirm Ahead of October 4th Launch

Google is set to unveil the second generation Pixel Watch during the Pixel 8 series event on October 4. Notably, Google Pixel Watch 2 is officially scheduled for release in India, with the price announcement date set for October 5. While Google has offered a glimpse of the design of the Pixel Watch 2, we have managed to get exclusive details about the features of the smartwatch.

According to the report, the upcoming Pixel Watch 2 is set to offer richer features than its predecessor. The leaked materials include an official document outlining the features of the Pixel Watch 2, as well as a comparison document highlighting the differences between the Pixel Watch and its successor. Additionally, a promotional video has been unveiled, introducing the full design and feature set of the Pixel Watch 2.

Google Pixel Watch 2 Features and Specifications

  • New heart rate sensor: The upcoming Google Pixel Watch 2 will come equipped with Fitbit’s advanced multi-path heart rate sensor, designed to provide enhanced accuracy and reliability in measuring heart rates, even during intense physical activity.
  • Health features: The upcoming Pixel Watch 2 is set to integrate Fitbit’s stress management system, which uses body-response tracking to identify stress signals within the user’s body. When stress is detected, the watch will allow the user to record their current mood and provide recommendations for possible interventions, such as guided breathing exercises or a leisurely walk.
  • Google intends to use physiological data inputs such as continuous electrodermal activity (CEDA), which measures microscopic sweat response, heart rate variability, heart rate, and skin temperature, to help detect stress.
  • Fitness features: The Google Pixel Watch 2 has a range of fitness capabilities, including the detection of seven popular workout types such as running and outdoor cycling. Additionally, it provides automatic workout start and end reminders for these specific activities. Another notable fitness function is Pace Training, which helps you maintain a consistent pace during your workout.
  • Safety features: Google has enhanced the security functionality of the Pixel Watch 2 with the introduction of a feature called “Security Checkup”. This feature enables users to set timers for specific conditions. When the timer expires, the watch will prompt users to confirm their well-being or decide whether they want to share their location or contact emergency services. If there is no response, it will activate “Emergency Sharing”, which will automatically share real-time location and status updates with designated emergency contacts.
  • The Emergency Sharing feature can be used personally with your contacts, allowing them to track your current location in real-time. Additionally, this functionality facilitates the sharing of “medical information” with emergency services.
  • Battery life: The Google Pixel Watch 2 reportedly maintains 24 hours of battery life even when using the always-on display feature. Additionally, it’s claimed to get a full day’s charge in just 75 minutes, which matches the battery performance of the original Pixel Watch.

Google Pixel Watch 2 Design and Colours

The Google Pixel Watch 2 features a new rear design, with the integration of three innovative sensors. Google has exclusively used 100% aluminum for the Pixel Watch 2. This sleek watch will be available in four attractive color combinations, Polished Silver/Bay, Matte Black/Obsidian, Champagne Gold/Hazel, and Polished Silver/Porcelain. Additionally, Google has introduced new Metal Slim and Active Sport bands designed for the Pixel Watch 2.

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