Reliance Jio Announced 5G Connectivity Roll-Out Date In India

Reliance Jio Announced 5G Connectivity Roll-Out Date In India

Reliance Jio

Mukesh Ambani announced at Reliance Industries’ 45th Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Monday, that Reliance Jio will be rolling out 5G services in India by October. Mukesh Ambani also said that the country’s largest telecom company Reliance Jio will invest Rs 2 Lakh crore for a 5G connectivity setup in cities including Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, and Kolkata by Diwali. It is confirmed the nationwide rollout of the 5G network by December 2023. It is associating with Qualcomm to develop 5G solutions for India. Jio also announced a service called Jio Air Fiber for offering an end-to-end wireless 5G experience.

During the 45th AGM of the company, Reliance Jio confirmed the rollout of 5G infrastructure in India. By Diwali 2022 we’ll launch Jio 5G across multiple cities, including metro cities of Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, and Kolkata,” Mukesh Ambani said.

Ambani also stated that the company aims to deliver Jio 5G to, every town, taluka, and tehsil in India by December 2023. The company claims that its 5G rollout plan will be the fastest in the world.

The telecom operator also announced that it will invest Rs. 2 lakh crore for the deployment of the fifth-generation mobile network in the country. Jio is also joining hands with Qualcomm to develop 5G solutions for India. It is also associating with Google to develop affordable 5G smartphones and Google Cloud.

Jio chairman Akash Ambani also announced JioAirFiber which lets users access Gigabit-speed Internet without any wires at home and offices. The wireless single device showcased by the company can be plugged into the power source and will work as a Wi-Fi hotspot.

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