Samsung Developing 432MP Camera with 1-inch Sensor for Future Smartphones

Samsung Developing 432MP Camera with 1-inch Sensor for Future Smartphones

Samsung’s upcoming smartphones in the near future could potentially be equipped with a remarkable 432MP camera sensor, which is a considerable advancement compared to the current 200MP sensor present in the Galaxy S23 Ultra. This impressive 432MP camera will set a new peak in smartphone camera resolution.

In a recent report, it has been revealed that Samsung is currently in the advanced stage of development of two cutting-edge 432MP sensors, known as ISOCELL HW1 and HW2. These sensors are specially designed with a large sensor size of 1 inch. This development marks another important milestone for Samsung Semiconductor, as they continue to push the technological envelope, building on their previous successes in the field of mobile image sensors such as the 108MP and 200MP sensors.

What do we know so far?

According to insights from tipster Revegnus on X, there are reports that indicate that Samsung is currently engaged in the development of two unprecedented 1-inch mobile image sensors, namely ISOCELL HW1 and HW2. These sensors are expected to revolutionize the industry with their remarkable 432-megapixel resolution.

Here are the expected specifications for these sensors:

  • ISOCELL HW1: A 1/1.05-inch sensor with a pixel size of 0.56µm and a remarkable 432-megapixel capacity.
  • ISOCELL HW2: A sensor measuring 1/1.07-inch with a pixel size of 0.5µm, boasting the same impressive 432-megapixel capability.

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In July 2022, the tech community found a trademark for Hexa Pixel, hinting at the possibility of an unprecedented camera sensor. This sensor is rumored to use 36:1 pixel binning technology, potentially delivering an impressive 432 megapixels (equivalent to 12MPx36). There has been speculation that we could see the introduction of this remarkable 432MP sensor in Samsung’s Galaxy S25 series, which is estimated to be released in early 2025. Alternatively, it could debut in the next Galaxy S26 series, which is expected to launch in early 2026.

Additionally, the tip offers a glimpse of Samsung’s continued sensor development efforts. For example, Samsung may opt to continue with the ISOCELL GN3 sensor for the Galaxy Z Fold 6 and potentially change to the ISOCELL S5KHP5 for the Galaxy Z Fold 7. These developments hold the potential for exciting advancements in mobile photography technology in the coming years.

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