Best Earbuds Under 5000 in Amazon Great Indian Festival Sale 2023

Best Earbuds Under 5000 in Amazon Great Indian Festival Sale 2023

If you are looking for the best earbuds under 5000. Now is the right time to pick up a new pair. There are many impressive options available for you to explore. In this article, we’ll explore the top deals on True Wireless Stereo (TWS) earphones with ANC that you can seize during the Amazon Great Indian Festival 2023.

Best Earbuds Under 5000 List

1. Realme Buds Air 5 Pro

The Realme Buds Air 5 Pro earbuds feature a unique dual-driver setup, combining an 11mm woofer and 6mm micro-plane tweeter for superior audio performance. These earbuds are equipped with advanced noise canceling capabilities, reducing ambient noise by up to 50 dB. They incorporate a six-microphone system for AI-powered deep call noise reduction along with advanced ENC (Environmental Noise Cancellation) technology.

In terms of battery life, these earphones offer an impressive 40 hours of playback when used with the charging case, while a single charge can deliver up to 11 hours of continuous use.

Notably, these earbuds also feature a low-latency gaming mode with only 40 ms latency for an immersive gaming experience. Furthermore, they come with an IPX5 waterproof rating.


At the top of our list, we have the Realme Buds Air 5 Pro TWS earphones, which you can now buy at an attractive price of Rs. 4,699 during the Great Indian Festival.

2. OnePlus Buds Z2

The OnePlus Buds Z2 TWS earphones feature 11mm dynamic drivers and a remarkable triple microphone arrangement on each earbud. This setup excels at analyzing ambient noise, delivering an impressive noise reduction of up to 40 dB, this feature not only enhances communication but also provides active noise cancellation (ANC) functionality. Additionally, the earphones support Dolby Atmos, which offers three different sound modes.

In terms of battery life, the OnePlus Buds Z2 earbuds are equipped with a 40mAh battery, which provides up to five hours of uninterrupted audio playback, as per OnePlus claims. The charging case, which houses a 520mAh battery, significantly extends this playback time, providing a total of 33 additional hours of battery life. This means an impressive 38 hours of playtime on a single charge.


During the ongoing sale, you can get these for just Rs. Can buy in. 3,999, a substantial discount of 33 percent from their original price of Rs. 5,999.

3. Realme Buds Air 3

The Realme Buds Air 3 earphones have special 10mm speakers that are really good at blocking out background noise, reducing it to around 42 decibels. These earbuds also come with a feature called ANC (Active Noise Cancellation).

The battery life of these earbuds is quite good. When you’re not using noise cancellation, they can last for about 30 hours in total. But if you turn on noise cancellation, it’s about 22 hours. If you use noise cancellation all the time, each earbud can last for about 5.5 hours.

Inside each earbud is a small battery that can hold about 43 milliamp-hours of power. The case you put the earbuds in can also charge them, and it has a big battery with 460 mAh.


If you’re looking for earbuds that offer strong ANC capabilities, you might want to check out the Realme Buds Air 3, which are currently available at an attractive price of Rs. Rs 3,999 during the ongoing sale on Amazon.

4. Oppo Enco Air 2 Pro

The Oppo Enco Air 2 Pro earphones have a robust audio setup, featuring 12.4mm tetanized diaphragm drivers. Additionally, they are equipped with dual noise-cancellation microphones and an advanced AI call noise-cancellation algorithm, ensuring crystal-clear audio for both listening and speaking.

For gamers, these earphones offer an impressive 94ms ultra-low game latency, providing a smooth gaming experience without any lag.

When it comes to battery life, you can enjoy up to 28 hours of continuous listening, allowing you to enjoy your favorite music and gaming sessions without the worry of running out of power and just a 10-minute quick charge provides a solid 2 hours of music playback.


The Oppo Enco Air 2 Pro TWS earphones are currently priced at Rs. 3,498 on Amazon.

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