BGMI Available to download on Google Play Store in India Through URL

Hello! Friends, Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) can now be downloaded in India. It isn’t available on the Google Play Store or App Store yet but some Android users report they can already download the game. This comes shortly after Krafton announced that the government has finally agreed to lift the ban on BGMI, and that it would be available to download soon. 

  • The game can now be downloaded in India via the Google Play Store link. 
  • The game isn’t listed on the Play Store or App Store yet.
  • Krafton announced last week that the game would relaunch in India after the company received approval from the government. 

BGMI is not listed on Google Play Store yet, but the download link is available

  • Android users can follow this link to download BGMI on their smartphones.
  • The game isn’t listed on the Play Store or App Store yet, so it won’t show up if you search for it. But it’s still possible to download the game through the link mentioned.
  • We tried it and the download was successful but you can’t play the game yet as the server isn’t live.
  • But since there’s now an official way to download the game Krafton is expected to list it on the Google Play Store very soon.

Krafton received an official nod to relaunch BGMI in India after it was banned last year due to security issues. But the comeback is more of a trial run as the government has lifted the ban for three months. During this three-month trial, the government will keep a check on issues such as user harm and addiction that the game has been time and again accused of in the past.  

BGMI is back in India but with restrictions

  • Restricted playing hours.
  • The colour of blood in the game is said to be green by default as a way to reduce violent graphics in the game.

The reason behind these changes is multiple violent cases involving young boys associated with BGMI. 

Krafton is yet to announce the official launch date for the relaunch of BGMI in India but since it’s already available to download, we’re expecting it to be available in the app stores very soon.  

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