Jio Announced New JioFiber Broadband Back-Up Plan Before IPL

Hello! Friends, Jio today announced a new broadband backup plan for JioFiber users in the country. This new broadband plan costs Rs 1,490 and it will be available for purchase starting March 30, 2023. This new backup broadband plan will enable users to stream the upcoming Tata IPL matches and other sports channels uninterruptedly.

“With JioFiber Backup, we want to offer alternate reliable broadband connectivity for homes. This new concept of a back-up connection allows homes to have alternate broadband connectivity with an assured supply of data at an affordable price,” a Jio spokesperson said in a statement.

What does the new JioFiber backup plan offer?

The newly introduced JioFiber backup plan costs Rs 1,490 and it includes five months of service charge costing Rs 990 and installation charges worth Rs 500. It offers unlimited data at 10Mbps, free landline calls, and a one-click speed upgrade option.

Entertainment Upgrade option

JioFiber subscribers can upgrade this plan to Entertainment Upgrade at Rs 500 and 1,000 for five months or Rs 100 and Rs 200 per month for five months.

The first Entertainment Upgrade plan costs Rs 100 per month or Rs 500 for five months. This entertainment upgrade offers a free set-top box, 400 live TV channels, access to six OTT apps, and a YouTube subscription. On the other hand, the other Entertainment Upgrade plan costs Rs 200 per month or Rs 1,000 for five months and it offers a free set-top-box, 550 live TV channels, access to 14 OTT apps, and a YouTube subscription.

Speed Upgrade option

Jio also offers speed upgrade plans to JioFiber subscribers. These plans are available in one-day, two days, and seven days time periods options and they enable users to upgrade the speed to either 30Mbps or 100Mbps based on their requirements.

The speed upgrade plan that offers 30Mbps data speed costs Rs 21 for one day, Rs 31 for two days, and Rs 101 for seven days. On the other hand, the speed upgrade plan that offers 100Mbps speed costs Rs 32 for one day, Rs 52 for two days, and Rs 152 for seven days.

How to subscribe to the new JioFiber backup plan?

Step 1: Select the backup plan at Rs 1,490.
Step 2: Pick up the Entertainment Upgrade plan of your choice. You can pick between Rs 500 or Rs 1,000 options and choose to pay it as a one-time fee for five months or a monthly installation of Rs 100 or Rs 200 per month.
Step 3: Make the payment.

Jio says that subscribers who want to book a new connection can give a missed call on 6000860008, visit or visit the nearest Jio retailer and book a back-up connection at Rs 99.

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