Oppo Unveils ColorOS 14 Globally with Enhanced Performance, Privacy, and Design, Check Rollout Schedule

Oppo Unveils ColorOS 14 Globally with Enhanced Performance, Privacy, and Design, Check Rollout Schedule

Oppo has officially Unveiled ColorOS 14 globally, introducing it as the latest custom skin for its devices. This new version based on Android 14 boasts an Aquamorphic design. Among its key features is the introduction of the Trinity Engine, which aims to enhance RAM and storage management. The updated user interface incorporates various AI-powered functionalities and introduces new privacy features. Oppo has revealed a list of devices that will receive the global beta version of ColorOS 14 in the coming days.

On Thursday, Oppo officially launched the global release of ColorOS 14 built on the Android 14 platform. Featuring a refreshed Aquamorphic design inspired by water, the updated UI is equipped with AI-powered smart functionalities and introduces a new tool dedicated to enhancing security and privacy protections.

ColorOS 14 Features

Aquamorphic Design

ColorOS 14 expands on the achievements of its predecessor, ColorOS 13, by introducing an improved Aquamorphic design that enhances the overall smartphone experience. Through the integration of new sound effects, color schemes, and interactive elements, the user interface becomes more streamlined and user-friendly.

  • New Sound Effects: OPPO has partnered with industry experts to create innovative Aquamorphic-themed ringtones, providing users with a seamlessly harmonious audio experience.
  • Aquamorphic Colouring System: The advanced Aquamorphic coloring system dynamically adjusts to smartphone conditions, including position, time, and on-screen content, increasing the effectiveness and ease of receiving information.
  • Aqua Dynamics Design: Revolutionizing interaction aesthetics, Aqua Dynamics Design offers an innovative approach that seamlessly integrates familiar shapes like bubbles, capsules, and panels. This visionary design minimizes disruptions, providing users with a more intuitive and user-friendly experience.
  • Always-On Display Enhancement: The acclaimed Homeland Always-On display has been enhanced with an award-winning feature called Go Green, which aims to promote climate change awareness.

AI-powered Smart Features

ColorOS 14 integrates intelligent, AI-powered features designed to increase the efficiency of daily tasks.

  • SmartEn Touch: Enables users to easily collect and organize content with intuitive selection and drag-and-drop gestures.
  • File Dock: Facilitates seamless sharing of content between applications, increasing productivity and enabling synchronization across devices.
  • Smart Image Matting: Enables users to extract subjects from images or paused videos by cropping them, and offers a range of editing options in different modes.

Upgraded Trinity Engine

ColorOS 14 includes Trinity Engine, a system designed to enhance the smoothness and stability of smartphones by optimizing ROM, RAM, and CPU vitalization.

  • ROM Vitalization: This frees up memory space while preserving up to 20 gigabytes.
  • RAM Vitalization: Increases the efficiency of multiple applications and maintains used apps in the background for a period of up to 72 hours.
  • CPU Vitalization: Enhances the scheduling of computing resources at the system level to ensure a more seamless user experience.
  • Smart Charging and Arctic Mode: AI algorithms optimize charging behavior by adapting to usage patterns, and reducing unnecessary battery consumption.

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Safety and Privacy Protection

ColorOS 14 emphasizes security and privacy by seamlessly incorporating the capabilities of Android 14. The introduction of the Picture Keeper feature enhances user security, preventing apps from improperly using permissions for individual photos or videos.

Snapchat Integration with ColorOS 14

Oppo has expanded its partnership with Snapchat, unveiling innovative features like Snapchat lock-screen shortcuts and Snapchat widgets for Shelf. This integration marks Snapchat as one of the first third-party applications to seamlessly integrate with Shelf Cards.

Snapchat Lock Screen Shortcut: It facilitates quick and convenient access to the Snapchat camera, streamlining the process of capturing and sharing moments.

How to Set Lock Screen Shortcut: Navigate to Settings > Lock Screen > Add Shortcuts > Select Snapchat.

Snap Map Widget on Oppo’s Shelf Card: Users have the ability to integrate the Snap Map widget into Oppo’s Shelf Card. This widget enables users to mark a friend’s location, and check their recent snaps and activities, and can be accessed from any part of the operating system with a convenient swipe-down gesture.

How to Add Snap Map Widget: Swipe down to access the Shelf > Choose Add Widget > Select Snap Map to pin a friend’s location for easy access.

Rollout Schedule and Eligible Devices

Starting today, the official global launch begins with the introduction of the Find N2 Flip in specified regions. This follows the rollout of the ColorOS 14 global beta version that began in October.

The following smartphones are expected to receive the beta update for ColorOS 14, and their scheduled rollout timeline is as follows.

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