Chinese companies Vivo and Transsion to launch the world’s first rollable display smartphone in 2024

Chinese companies Vivo and Transsion to launch the world's first rollable display smartphone in 2024

Chinese tech giants Vivo and Transsion are reportedly gearing up to launch the world’s first rollable display smartphone at the end of 2024. We have seen concept smartphones and prototypes with rollable displays in the past. But there hasn’t been a commercial launch yet.

First Rollable display smartphone is expected to be available by the end of 2024.

According to the CNMO report, Vivo and Transcen are actively working on smartphones with rollable displays with plans for a possible launch by the end of 2024. Although this release is scheduled for more than a year from now, the launch timeline still seems early considering how nascent the rollable smartphone industry is, and how we’re still getting used to foldable phones.

Chinese companies have been aggressively pushing rollable smartphones as a strategic move to unseat Samsung. They have recognized the tough challenge of surpassing Samsung in the foldable phone market. While Samsung has offered a glimpse at the potential for rollable displays for future smartphones, it appears that its primary focus remains on the foldable phone segment for now. By being one of the first to introduce rollable phones, Chinese companies are positioning themselves for an early advantage in this competitive race.

Like Samsung, Vivo has also entered the foldable phone market this year. They introduced two models, the X Fold2 and the X Flip. The X Fold2 features a book-style folding design, while the X Flip is the company’s first clamshell-folding phone. The display of Vivo’s upcoming rollable phone is rumored to be sourced from CSOT, Samsung Display, or China Star Optoelectronics. We hope to reveal more details about this device in the near future.

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Tecno Phantom Ultimate features a 6.55-inch AMOLED display with a resolution of 2,296 x 1,596 pixels and a pixel density of 388 ppi. When extended, the display expands to 7.11 inches. Notably, this extended screen appears on the rear panel of the phone and acts as an Always On Display. Tecno uses a single-drive motor system to smoothly roll out the display from the phone.

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