WhatsApp chat lock feature spotted in beta, check how it will work

WhatsApp chat lock feature spotted in beta, check how it will work

Hello! Friends, WhatsApp is adding a bunch of new features to be tested by WhatsApp Beta users. The latest update has a feature called WhatsApp chat lock which lets users lock a specific chat instead of having to lock WhatsApp completely to conceal a few chats.

Users of WhatsApp Beta will know that the IM service provider is constantly working on adding new features that would be appealing to its wide user base. After all, it isn’t easy for WhatsApp to keep its user base of 2 billion people excited about the app and ensure that they stick to it. While most of these updates contain niche features, the newest feature that WhatsApp has added is a major step forward in privacy.

The messaging software has just enabled the option to utilize a single WhatsApp account on various devices, and the functionality is now available to all users. It has recently announced a new Chat Lock option for users, however, it is not available to everybody. 

What is the new Chat Lock feature on WhatsApp?

According to WaBetaInfo, certain WhatsApp beta testers can now use the new Chat Lock function. This is a fantastic addition since it eliminates the need to lock WhatsApp in order to conceal a few chats, and users will be able to lock a specific chat. To safeguard users’ privacy, the quoted source also states that shared photographs or videos of a restricted conversation would not be immediately downloaded into the phone’s Gallery.

How to activate Chat Lock if you’re a WhatsApp Beta user?

According to the screenshots shared by the quoted source, consumers will locate the Chat Lock option under the chat’s data area, where users can check their number, profile, and other facts.

Step 1: Go to the profile section of the WhatsApp contact.

Step 2: Scroll down and tap on Chat Lock.

Step 3: Enable the “Lock this chat with fingerprint” option.

According to WaBetaInfo, the platform has given the upgrade to certain beta testers, and it will be available to a larger group of users in the following weeks. As a result, this functionality should be available in a stable version (for the general public) in the near future.

How to get into WhatsApp Beta Programme?

People who want to try the functionality ahead of time can sign up for WhatsApp’s beta programme on the Play Store. However, it is usually packed and participation in the programme is tough to come by.

Users may still take a chance and check it out by going to WhatsApp’s Play Store website. There, they will notice a beta programme option upon scrolling down. If it says “full,” users will not be allowed to participate and will have to wait for the feature to be added to the stable version.

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