Best Upcoming Whatsapp Features In 2022

Best Upcoming Whatsapp Features In 2022

Hello! Friends, Whatsapp is getting better day by day and new features are also being included in it. Now Whatsapp is going to bring many interesting features very soon. Now it will be more interesting to use Whatsapp. So let’s try to know what features WhatsApp is bringing.

Upcoming Whatsapp Features


WhatsApp is going to bring the avatar feature very soon. As you know iPhone has a Memoji that you can personalize. Just like that but without the animation, you can now make your face as an avatar. And send some customized emojis to other people. Now, it is being tested and will be implemented in the WhatsApp feature very soon.

Status Reaction

At the present time, you were only reacting to a message, and till now it was not possible to react to the status. Now you will also be able to react to the status with the status react feature.

Delete Messages

One feature that I think will make the group Administrators happy. Now you can delete a message of a group member. Until now it was not possible. Yes now you as a group admin, can go and delete the messages permanently. You can keep your group nice and clean from unwanted messages from now on.

Group History

In groups, there arises a question, of who has left the group, and who hasn’t. Now you can see the history of which group member has left the group in the last 60 days. I think it’s a good and very important feature.

Exiting Group

Many times it happens that you leave the group and there it’s written that this member has left the group. And that doesn’t look good. We don’t want to make anyone sad so we don’t leave and go on reading the messages even though you mute them. But now you can silently leave the group with this feature.

Privacy Features

One more important feature is coming for your privacy. A few months ago, there was a “View Once” feature launched where you view the messages, and then it will disappear. But people said that if you take a screenshot then what’s the use of View Once? But now they are blocking the screenshot. Very soon the feature is coming where people won’t be able to screenshot your View Once message.

Companion App

If you use WhatsApp on different devices then you know what problem you are facing. But now thanks to the Companion app, WhatsApp will work seamlessly on tablets, phones, and even computers and sync across devices instantly. So you can use it on a different device with one account. The companion feature is coming and that’s great.

Group Call

Now you will be able to share the link to the video call. Earlier you had to go to the group and then share and then people inside the group could join the video call. Now, directly you can share the link over email, or message and people can connect with the link.

Audio Status

If you don’t like to see a but like to listen. A new feature is coming for that. Now you can set audio as your status.

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