Google Confirms to Provide Spare Parts for Pixel 8 Series for 7 Years

Google Confirms to Provide Spare Parts for Pixel 8 Series for 7 Years

This week, Google unveiled the Google Pixel 8 series, making an important announcement regarding its update policy. Notably, these phones will receive updates for an impressive period of seven years, which will include operating system upgrades, security patches, and feature enhancements.

Luckily, a Google spokesperson has confirmed that the company will provide spare parts for these phones for up to seven years, ensuring that you can still have issues like screen repair or battery replacement sorted out over the next several years.

During an interview with Android Authority, Sonia Jobanputra, Director of Product Management at Google, confirmed this information. Although Google hasn’t revealed all the details, chances are you’ll be able to purchase Pixel 8 components through their partner, iFixit, a US-based repair website.

iFixit currently offers components for older Pixel models and provides comprehensive step-by-step repair instructions for those interested in tackling DIY repairs. Notably, iFixit also supplies authentic parts compatible with Pixel 2 through Pixel 6 series smartphones.

It is important to highlight that Google’s recent actions align with the introduction of California’s newly enacted Right to Repair law. This law states that companies, for products costing more than $100, are obliged to provide repair components, documentation, and software access for a period of seven years.

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In any case, Google appears to be dedicated to ensuring that spare parts for the Pixel 8 series will be available throughout the duration of its lifespan. This is especially important for batteries, as most smartphone batteries lose about 20% of their capacity after about two years. Therefore, the ability to obtain a replacement battery when necessary is important to maintain the optimal performance of the phone over a seven-year period.

Google has not yet provided specific information regarding the availability and distribution of these components. We anticipate they will make further announcements and share additional details in the coming days or weeks.

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