OnePlus Open Foldable’s Design Revealed in Official Unboxing

OnePlus Open Foldable's Design Revealed in Official Unboxing

Samsung India is facing some serious competition in the foldable market as OnePlus is preparing to launch its first foldable device. This upcoming OnePlus Open foldable is expected to have flagship-level specifications, which will put it in direct competition with the only two premium horizontal folding device manufacturers in the country, namely Samsung and Tecno. Recently, we got a glimpse from leaked renders, and actress Anushka Sharma was seen using the OnePlus Open. Now, with a global launch date of October 19th confirmed, OnePlus has decided to give us a closer look at the design of its initial foldable device.

YouTuber Lewis Hilsentegger recently unveiled an upcoming foldable device, and during the unveiling, he had the opportunity to interview Pete Lau, co-founder and CEO of OnePlus. In the video, OnePlus CEO Pete Lau discusses how OnePlus Open represents a blend of the most cutting-edge technological innovations from both OnePlus and Oppo.

The main focus of the video is clearly on the brand-new design language of the OnePlus Open Foldable, which is quite different from previous OnePlus smartphones. The phone has a metal frame with flat edges, sporting a form factor that is quite different from the Oppo Find N2, which has a wider internal and external display reminiscent of the Passport. Additionally, the phone’s design sets it apart from Samsung’s thin remote-control-like designs, which can make external displays feel a little cramped to use. On the front, the display glass extends to the edges of the thin metal frame, resulting in a very contemporary and sleek look with flat front and rear panels.

Lau claims that the company has around 600 patents related to foldable technology, and he details how these patents enable the creation of a seamless design, which was first introduced with the Oppo Find N2. The video demonstration shows the impressive strength of the hinge, as it can even bear the weight of a folded piece of paper when inserted between the two halves of the foldable device.

In the video, Lau also claimed that OnePlus holds 35 patents related to the innovative hinge design. This upgraded hinge marks an improvement over the Oppo Find N2, as it has a reduced number of components. This not only results in a lighter hinge but also increases its overall compactness and durability. Notably, this hinge is 37 percent smaller than the one featured on the previous Oppo Find N2 model.

Apart from the hinge, OnePlus has retained its signature alert slider, a feature that has been a staple of its high-end devices for years. Yet, the presence of this slider also suggests the absence of an IP rating, a feature that is also notably missing in its flagship smartphone, the OnePlus 11 5G.

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Apart from discussing the design aspect, Lau also discussed the importance of optimizing apps for the internal foldable display. So far, only Samsung, with its Galaxy Z series of horizontally foldable phones, has accomplished this effectively. The CEO emphasized that OnePlus has collaborated with Google to ensure a seamless app experience that seamlessly adapts when used on both displays.

Lau also mentions in the video that OnePlus intends to tailor its product strategies to suit different regions. By doing so, the company aims to ensure that its products achieve the widest possible reach in each specific market.

It is important to note that the unit shown in the video is an early prototype, so we can expect many changes to the final production units when they are ready for the official launch announcement. Additionally, an important point to consider is that the phone remained off during the entire duration of the video, which may indicate that the software is not fully ready yet. According to the latest leak, the official unveiling of this device is scheduled to take place on October 19, 2023. Additionally, the device is expected to be priced lower than Samsung’s premium foldable offering.

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