YouTube Updates Platform with New Features for Users and Creators, Everything You Need to Know

YouTube Updates Platform with New Features for Users and Creators, Everything You Need to Know

YouTube has unveiled several new enhancements to its mobile apps, tablets, and web platforms. These include a “constant volume” function, larger preview thumbnails, a lock screen feature, the ability to search for songs by humming, and many other additional features. The rollout of these innovative YouTube features has begun and will be available to all users around the world in the coming weeks.

YouTube New features

Stable Volume

Now, when you watch videos on your mobile device, it’s more fun because it has a new “Stable Volume” feature. This feature ensures that the sound remains at the same level, so you don’t need to adjust it, making your listening experience smoother and more uniform.

Instant 2x Playback

YouTube has introduced a more user-friendly option for those who enjoy watching videos at double the speed. Now, you can press and hold anywhere on the video player in full-screen or portrait mode to instantly switch to 2x playback. Releasing the hold will return the video to its original playback speed. This functionality is available on web browsers, tablets, and mobile devices.

Bigger Preview Thumbnails

YouTube is introducing larger preview thumbnails to improve the search experience. When using the Seek feature to navigate to a specific part of a video, you can access these previews by doing a long press on the screen and sliding left or right. Additionally, returning to the starting position during a quest has also been made easier. Now you can achieve this by moving your finger back to the starting point and releasing it when you feel a vibration.

Lock screen

This new feature allows you to secure your screen to avoid unexpected touches while enjoying videos on YouTube.

New You Tab

Introducing the brand new ‘You’ tab, which is the central hub for accessing your watched videos, playlists, downloads, and purchase history. It also serves as the preferred location to manage your account settings and channel information. This ‘You’ tab is replacing the Library tab on web, mobile, and tablet platforms.

Search Songs by Humming

YouTube is introducing a new feature that lets users search for songs by humming a tune. With the help of AI technology, you can even identify a song by playing or singing it and YouTube will match the sound to the original recording. The feature will be rolled out gradually over the coming weeks, initially available exclusively for Android devices.

Interactive Animations

To create a more engaging video-watching experience, YouTube is adding interactive animations. When creators ask viewers to “like” or “subscribe,” visual cues appear on these buttons in sync with the video. A playful sparkle explosion rewards fans when they engage.

Top comments automatically rotate for easy community interaction. For new video uploads, real-time animations display view and like counts in the first 24 hours.

Vertical menu on smart TVs

YouTube has introduced a new vertical menu for smart TVs, which can be accessed by clicking on the video title during playback. This menu provides quick access to various features like video descriptions, comments, and subscribe buttons, enhancing the user experience.

These updates will be rolled out gradually to YouTube users worldwide in the coming weeks, with further design enhancements planned for the YouTube Kids app and other areas of the platform in the future.

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