WhatsApp Introduces Passkeys Feature to Enhancing Security, Here’s what you need to Know all the Details

WhatsApp Introduces Passkeys Feature to Enhancing Security, Here's what you need to Know all the Details

WhatsApp recently introduced Passkeys after a period of beta testing. This advanced security feature is now available for Android users, allowing them to use their facial recognition, fingerprint, or PIN to access their WhatsApp accounts. Initially, Passkeys were launched for WhatsApp beta testers on Android in September, but they are now available to all users. Here’s what you need to Know all the Details

What is a Passkey?

A passkey is a short sequence of numbers or characters that verifies your identity and guarantees that only approved devices can access your WhatsApp account. You have the option to set it up using your device’s facial recognition, fingerprint, or personal identification number (PIN).

How do Passkeys Work?

This advanced feature replaces the traditional SMS-delivered one-time password during the login process, significantly increasing security. With this app, you can employ your screen lock options to verify your identity, including on-device fingerprint recognition, facial unlock, PIN, or swipe pattern. Also, the cryptographic key is automatically stored in Google Password Manager. This password-less login system provides the advantage of saving you valuable time.

How to Create a Passkeys?

1. Go to your WhatsApp settings.
2. Tap on “Passkeys” and select “Create a passkey.”
3. Follow the on-screen instructions.
4. You may be prompted to use your device’s screen lock.

Benefits of Using Passkeys

Passkeys provide an additional level of security for your WhatsApp account by using your device’s biometric and PIN-based authentication mechanisms. This feature removes the need for traditional passwords, thus strengthening security as well as providing a more convenient means of accessing your account. Compared to traditional passwords, Passkeys provide a faster and more streamlined login experience.

How to use Passkeys to log in to WhatsApp

To log in to WhatsApp with a passkey, simply open the app and type your passcode. You can also use your fingerprint or face to do this. Once your passcode is confirmed, you will be logged in to WhatsApp.

Requirements for Passkeys Setup

To make the most of the security and ease that Passkey provides, you need to do a few things in advance and set up a few steps:

1. Android Device: Passkeys are currently available for Android users. Ensure that your device runs Android version 9 or later.

2. Linked Google Account: Your Android device should be linked to a Google account, which is a common requirement for many Android services.

3. Lock Screen Enabled: It is essential to have a lock screen enabled on your device for passkeys to work effectively.

4. Latest Google Play Store: To access the latest WhatsApp updates and features, it’s important to have the most recent version of the Google Play Store installed on your device.


WhatsApp is planning to launch Passkey support for Android users in the next few weeks and months. However, there is currently no information available about when this feature will be made available for iPhone users.


Passkeys are a new and more secure way to log in to WhatsApp. They are better than regular passwords because you don’t have to commit them in your mind. Instead, you can simply use your fingerprint or face to unlock WhatsApp.

If you want to make sure your WhatsApp is super secure, turn on Passkey. This is a fast and simple way to make your account really secure.

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