16 Apps Removes Google Play Causing Excessive Data Usage And Battery Drain

Google Play Removes 16 Apps Causing Excessive Data Usage And Battery Drain on users’ devices. These apps were identified by a security firm. These apps were fraudulently clicking on ads as real users by opening web pages in the background. According to the security firm, before being removed from the Play Store, these apps had a total of 20 million or 20 million installations. It is worth noting that from time to time, Google takes action against those apps that violate its rules.

Google Play Removes 16 Apps ( List )

According to a report by Ars Technica, Google has removed 16 apps from the play store. Which were dedicated by McAfee. The apps were available to download on tablets and smartphones and These apps were being used for simple tasks like scan QR codes, turning on the device’s flash as a torch, or converting various measurements.

The list of removed apps includes BusanBus, Joycode, Currency Converter, High-Speed Camera, Smart Task Manager, Flashlight+, K-Dictionary, Quick Note, EzDica, Instagram Profile Downloader, and Ez Notes.

McAfee found that once opened, these apps download codes that receive notifications to open web pages without alerting users, or clicking on links and ads. This activity artificially increases engagement in ads, which is a form of ad fraud.

The security firm found that these apps contained adware codes called “com. live posting” and “com.click.cas”. These codes allowed apps to click on links and ads. All this happens without the knowledge of the users, due to which the extra battery is consumed and the network usage also increases. According to Google, all these apps have been removed from the Play Store and Play Protect blocks these apps on users’ devices.

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